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Maid Usako's BunDay Adventures - 2/10/22 ~

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

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Hello everyone, it is I, the ever rare Maid Usako, the little lop bunbun of Asayoru here to share some bunday fun.

First off, Maid Usako would like to shout out and publicly thank everyone again for the birthday wishes! @maid_misa, @maid_cece, @metephies, @heademptyla, @thatguyedd, @lewdcurator, @self_harem, @buttrcup_desu, @kierfetti - as well as all our kind staff who sent me even more birthday messages. Usako got the absolute sweetest fan art from the artful @kierfetti showcased here. An ever grateful, thank you!!

Next, more bunday funs:

Maid Usako Day is typically celebrated over the course of a couple of days because Maid Usako and friends can have busy schedules. Here are a few moments and bits that Maid Usako would like to share about her cute friends. (Usako's treasured friends will be sakura-stickered for privacy 🌸) This is A-chan. She has the cutest derpy cats and makes the most delicious-looking foods from artfully placed sashimi cuts to butter chicken. Maid Usako aspires to be like A-san someday.

This is Inknpixel-chan. She's the talented writer and artist behind the up-and-coming webtoon, Falling Stars. Maid Usako is fangirling internally.

Special polaroids of Maid Usako and T-chan being silly (L), Maid Usako and Inknpixel-chan solidifying their friendship of nine years in the very best way known to folks: with a secret handshake (R).

Fun fact: T-chan and Maid Usako tried to film impromptu dancing Tiktoks pre-dinner but alas Maid Usako is actually not very coordinated😵. Not pictured but still important mentions (V-chan, J-chan, and S-chan). Maid Usako still loves them very much anyway for taking the time to celebrate with her and for all the lovely laughter and thoughtful presents. Maid Usako and her friends enjoyed a meal after a very long 3-hour wait at a local soup dumpling place. Dumplings are so yummy!

Even more bunday funs ~

Maid Usako's family surprised her with a beautiful strawberry cake to celebrate.

Surprise! More bunday funs ~

M-chan further surprised Maid Usako with her favorite Genshin waifu and other treats.

And finally, also not pictured but a notably valid way to celebrate.

Maid Sae, Maid Aki, Maid Riri, Maid Usako, and K-san stayed up insanely late in an epic Mario Party showdown ending with Maid Riri pwning everyone with her skillful gaming chops.

Maid Usako looks forward to more fun celebrations and memories with everyone and promises to try to take more pics the next time around 🌹. Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart to everyone, for following along so far and supporting Asayoru Cafe and Maid Usako. Until next time! 🥳

Cheers and lops of love, Maid Usako

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