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SCIF Asayoru Call Guide!

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Hello everyone! Maid Sae here~ all of us have been working really really hard for SoCal Idol Festival this weekend, hopefully you're just as excited as we are!

I firmly believe that idol culture would not be as fun and exciting if there were no fanatical idol otakus (as an idol otaku myself), so I'm very proud that Asayoru can contribute to spreading j-idol culture here in LA! Seeing our goshujin-samas and ojou-samas learning mixes and calls always makes me so happy~ so here I am with more ̶s̶t̶u̶d̶y̶ call guides!

For SCIF we really tried to curate a setlist that could showcase all of the idols that are near and dear our hearts, from our maid idols, to 2D idols, to chika idols, and of course even the OGs, AKB48! Some of the songs are from our past events, and we hope we were able to improve even more since then to do them justice~

We also really tried to take notes from the recent Tokyo Idol Festival :3 hopefully you will be able to notice the little changes & improvements we've made!!! For example for our introductions we'll ask the audience to yell our names back at us!

Me: "Hi I'm Maid Sae and I love fried shrimp!"
You: SAE!!!!!!

Making these was a lot of work so I did borrow some videos from other fans as well! Please make sure to take a look at their channels and maybe subscribe~!

As a reminder a lot of idol otaku culture is about having fun, so these are just general call guides! You don't have to completely stick to it! And it's ok if you hear other people doing slightly different things!

As long as you are respectful of others (don't scream too much over the music or hit people with your dance moves!) please feel free to have fun and enjoy the chaos!

I sincerely hope this event will help make J-idol culture more popular in LA, and make everyone addicted to that specific energy found only at idol lives~

And of course I hope that everyone will enjoy our set!! See you soon!!! <3

1. Happy Happy Morning (Short ver.) - At Home Maid Cafe

2. New Romantic Sailors (Short ver.) - Guilty Kiss

3. Yobisute, Fantasy (Short ver.) - AKB48

A lot of the call guides I wrote are based on more "current" chika idol live calls, but for this song I thought I'd honor the OGs and keep the original calls. The CHOU ZETTSU KAWAII isn't done very often anymore (in my experience) but it is super fun and good to learn! Special thanks to Charlie-sama for doing the research and making this video!

4. Oidemase Gokuraku - FES☆TIVE

!!REALLY IMPORTANT!! During the dududududududududu part you move left and right and spin with us, it's called furicopy!! See example of what it should look like here

We would love to see yall do it but please be mindful of those around you ok?

5. Newly Edgy Idols - More More Jump!

I wrote these member-specific calls myself hehe >:3

6. Eien Maid Shugi (Short ver.) - At Home Maid Cafe

**Oshi here means your favorite member, so make sure to replace "Oshi-chan" with your favorite maid's name! ie. Sae-Chan (ノ≧ڡ≦)

7. Idol Life Starter Pack (Short ver.) - iLiFE!

Maid Mahou made this one :3 Please note that some of the names have been changed as we have different members this time! The new order is Cele-chan, Jia-chan, Saiki-chan, Ai-chan (Jia took my place because between dancing to iLiFE and being able to breath during MCing i chose breathing hhhh) There is no specific call for Mahou or Moon but please feel free to yell their names loudly during the free calls!

Please also note that this is the shortened version so it ends with the Japanese mix (Tora Hi! etc)

8. Aikome Forever - At Home Maid Cafe

This is the full song so I didn't make actual call guide 👉👈 pls don't be upset at me >< But if you followed the other videos all the calls in this video should be pretty familiar to you :3 as structurally it is very similar to Eien Maid Shugi~

Two things to note:

1. We would love if you do MOE MOE KYUN! everytime with us!

2. Since its longer you would do the Ainu Mix at the end: Chape! Ape! Kara! Kina! Rara! Tusuke! Myohontusuke!

Good luck >:3

And finally... messages from some of our lovely performers!!!

“We’ll see each other real soon! Remember to stay cool and hydrated out there! 💚” - Maid Saiki
“i can’t wait to share the stage with so many amazing performers! goshujinsama! ojousama! i hope you’ll come by and cheer for us!! see you soon! ♡” - Maid Reyna
"we've all been working hard, so i'm looking forward to bringing everyone moe energy and an exciting stage ~ ✨ let's all have fun at idolfes !!" - Maid Moon
"WAAHHHH hehehehe this is going to be so hype (*-`ω´- )人 I can't wait to see everyone and I hope that we power up your day with even more moe moe energy!! let's all cheer together and don't forget ur penlights (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ see u soon♡♡♡!!" - Maid Mahou
“Wan wan~ I can’t wait to see you all at Idolfest ૮ฅ・ﻌ・აฅ please cheer us performers on 。:゚૮ ˶ˆ ﻌ ˆ˶ ა ゚:。” - Maid Mari
“Hello my wonderful masters and princesses! We’ve been working so hard to bring you an amazing stage for SoCal Idolfest! We hope to see you there shining brightly and having fun alongside our performances!! Let’s have a fun time!!! (⌒▽⌒)” - Maid Riri

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Alex Melchor
Alex Melchor
Aug 12, 2023

Sae da best!!!


Sae is the best!!!!!! <33333


Chloe Meng
Chloe Meng
Aug 12, 2023

Sae is the best!🩵


Will Bothwell
Will Bothwell
Aug 12, 2023

Sae's the best!!!


Martin Zambrano
Martin Zambrano
Aug 12, 2023

Sae is the best!

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