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I have also been working hard over here so...Full setlist is here! Please study well for the upcoming battle :3c

1. Aiobahn feat. KOTOKO - INTERNET YAMERO (Short ver.)

No calls to this because I cut it weird (i guess you could put in the standard mix at the beginning?)

BUT MAJOR POINT!!! At the end when she goes "SUKI SUKI SUKI" i'd like for everyone to make their hands into hearts at me pls!!! Also slight epilepsy warning!!!

I chose this song because I felt like it told a fun story that fit the Chuunibyou theme~ it will be performed in a format kinda new to me so I hope you will all enjoy!

2. Aqours - Deep Resonance (Short ver.)

Big group performance!!! Full 9 person Aqours group has been my dream, and it being my beloved Yohane's solo song no less ;u; Also im singing!! :3

For those who don't know, I got into the world of idols and wotaku culture because of Love Live! Sunshine! My love of the series brought me into idols and performing on stage and eventually maid cafes, so honestly without them I wouldn't be here now. I've always wanted to pay homage to them, and also my favorite character Yohane (who is definitely a textbook chuunibyou), so I'm so glad to finally do that now! Hopefully this will also inspire some of yall to watch the anime :3 if you do please let me know

Also no calls to this because doing mixes and calls to 2D idols is technically a I will not be officially encouraging it here! That's never stopped anyone before tho...

3. 天晴れ!原宿『アッパライナ』Appare! Harajuku - APPARAINA (Full Ver.)

Furicopy! CALLS!!! It's not really my birthday if i dont make everyone do cardio huh :3

Some people may recognize the group from the popular song Pa Pi Pu Pe Pop! The group went through a lil shuffle and is now renamed from Appare! Harajuku to just Appare! with new members~! But this group and song is very influential in the chika idol world and is definitely a name you should know!! They have a lot of other fun songs (There's Kimi Dake No Wonderland where the idols and audience pretend to be on a roller coaster together :3) so please give them a listen!!

And that's it for the setlist! I tried to choose super high tension songs as per usual so hopefully everyone will have lots of fun~ All the songs are important and dear to my heart and I'm so happy to share that love with everyone.

Once again, thank you so much for selling out my event!! I know it's around Thanksgiving so I'm truly grateful to everyone for making time to come out~ I will do my bestest!!

Merch list to come soon! >:3c can't wait for yall to see the designs hehehe


Sae!! <3

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