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Welcome to Asayoru!


Asayoru Cafe is a maid-concept cafe, inspired by the ones in Akihabara, Japan. Our cafe strives to be a place of comfort to guests of all ages, creating a feeling of “coming home” with Japanese-inspired comfort foods and warm hospitality. We aim to create a magical, fun, and relaxing environment for our guests and staff where everyone can feel welcome and happy! 

We pride ourselves on fun and extraordinary table service, as well as providing fun entertainment including:

Magical food and drink service

Drink food.png


To best provide the magical maid experience, Asayoru requires all guest to order at least one item! 

Asayoru has an automatic 18% gratuity for all guests.

Each guest's maximum time at the cafe is 90 mins, but guests can order another item to extend their stay! 

During rush hour we cannot extend the time to make sure we can accommodate as many guests as possible,

We accept all major credit and debit cards! We do not accept cash unless it is exact change. Thank you for understanding! 


Monthly themed events

Live singing and dancing performances


Commemorative polaroid decorations



To keep our guests and our staff members safe and provide the best experience, we kindly ask everyone to follow these simple rules!

  1. Do not touch our maids, or ask them for their contact info! Please be respectful to all staff!

  2. Do not treat staff as servants! Please understand that our casts are simply doing their jobs.

  3. Do not take photos of other guests or our staff without asking!  Please do take photos of food and decor!

  4. Do not leave your seated area during performances! Please do feel free to stand up and cheer!

  5. Do not use inappropriate languages and gestures! Please keep the space friendly for all ages! 



Q: How do I join the cafe?

A: Applications are not open at the moment, please check our Instagram page for more updates!

Q: Is there a physical location for the cafe?

A: Yes! We are currently open in EXP Barcadia, 1020 S Baldwin Ave Arcadia, CA 91007. Operating hours are Thursday - Sunday 5-9pm. 

Q: Since you serve alcohol, are minors allowed?

A: Yes! Asayoru is open to guests of all ages. Minors are not allowed at EXP's bar area, but there's much more open for exploration! EXP also has an arcade and karaoke! 


Q: When is your next event?

A: Check out our Instagram for updates!

Q: What are your Covid-19 policies?

A: We require all our maids and staff to be wearing masks at all times, and will kindly ask guests to wear them as well, especially when taking photos with maids! Though all of our staff is vaccinated, we want to create a safe environment for those who are immunocompromised or may not have the opportunity to get their vaccine yet. We will be closely following CDC guidelines and with update this policy accordingly. 

Q: What do the different ribbon colors mean?

A: All newbie maids start with an soft yellow trainee ribbon, and gain their colors once they become an official maid later! When cheering on a maid you can change your penlight to their specific ribbon color~

Q: Can I take pictures of the maids?

A: Yes, but please ask for their permission before doing so, and please refrain from touching our maids! 

Q: Can I ask maids for their personal info (name, where they are from, etc.)

A: You can always check the maid page for more info! But you can also ask the maids directly, as they should all have interesting answers ♪

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