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Our dearest ご主人様お嬢様達へ~

Have you joined our community website? We are currently working on our membership system, hoping to connect it to our website so you can keep track of your membership perks and levels as well!

If you haven't seen our membership cards and the perks that come with each tier, check them out here!

Since some of you may have reached Voyager tier already through the Kickstarter, so we would like to ask you to create an account to enjoy the 5% discount on merchandise!

To create an account, navigate to the log in icon on the top right of our webpage, like so:

And then follow the instructions to complete sign up!

Once you create an account, you can also comment on our blog posts~ many of the maid would be overjoyed to receive a kind comment from you! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

That is all from me today! Hope to see you all very soon ♥


Maid Sae

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