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All guests receive a membership stamp card when they first dine-in at Asayoru!


There are a total of 5 membership levels, and you earn points each time you dine-in at our café. The visit count does not include to-go orders or event booth visits.

Each tier comes with its own perks, so please remember to return to us often to level up your "Master and Princess levels"! Every single time you level up, you can request any maid to decorate your new membership card. If the maid is not on shift that day, you may return at a later date to pick up your decorated membership card. 

Some rules and other things to know...

  • Membership cards and points do not expire!

  • You must show your membership card to earn points and / or request member specials.

  • The card can only be used by the cardholder and is not transferable.

  • You may receive one stamp per day, additional visits in the same day does not count! 

  • If you forgot your card, as long as you can show us a receipt or cheki from the visit we can add the stamp for you!

  • Asayoru reserves the right to change all perks and tiers without prior notice.



Level 1 

Obtained on: 1st visit

Welcome Home! We are so excited to serve you~



Level 2

Obtained on: 5th visit

You have unlocked...

  • a special vinyl sticker!

Merch catalog.png


Level 3

Obtained on: 55th visit

You have unlocked...

  • Free drink on your birthday!

  • New playable game of Break The Ice!

Upgrade present:

  • a special T-shirt

  • Two free solo chekkis with any maid



Level 4

Obtained on: 205th visit

You have unlocked...

  • New game Jenga & new menu item!

  • 5% discount on all orders including merchandise!

  • Priority access to our special events!

  • Birthday card with hand-written messages from the maids!

Upgrade present: 

  • Commemorative chekki with all staff on the floor that day

  • Five free solo chekkis with any maid

  • Our original chekki album as a present



Level 5


Obtained on: 505th visit

You have unlocked...

  • New game Uno & new menu item!

  • 1 free drink each month

  • You have first access to our special events

  • Fast pass for seating

  • Free birthday meal (Deluxe Entrée set)

Upgrade present:

  • Commemorative chekki with all staff on the floor that day

  • Ten free solo chekkis with any maid

  • Exclusive cutlery set with your name engraved

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