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First post!

Hello everyone! This is Head Maid Sae reporting in.

We've started a brand new blog feature to better connect with our ご主人様お嬢様達!

This should be an easier and more reliable way to keep track of events and update you all on what we are up to!

Expect to see the following content:

  • Event recaps, with pictures taken with our masters & princesses! (Maybe some chekki highlights?)

  • Birthday posts from maids!

  • Seasonal menu item announcements!

  • New merch announcements and merch guides!

  • Special event announcements!

  • Maybe some community voting system?

We're so excited and hope this feature will serve you all well! <3


Maid Sae

smol maid sae drawn by maid sumi

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1 Comment

Maid Sumi
Maid Sumi
Jan 14, 2022

F4F? <<Promote it on>>

jk ily but follow me

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