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⁺.⊹Falling Under♡: A Devilishly Good Setlist :3⊹.⁺

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO♡♡♡♡♡ ( -`ω´-)ノ!!!!

calling all followers of the church of mahou,,, We're a lil under a week until my bday event and im *SHAKINGGG* @ω@ it makes me so happy to hear that u guys are excited for it,,, thank you so much for all the support and wishes i've already received thus far frFR ;\\ω\\; I've tried a lot of new things for this one so hearing this kind of stuff can make a devil get emotional sometimes too...

*me typing this up rn*

Anyways, this is my first time actually writing a blog post on here and as ⁺.⊹𝓗𝓲𝓰𝓱 𝓓𝓮𝓿𝓲𝓵 𝓜𝓪𝓱𝓸𝓾♡⊹.⁺ i've provided the full setlist (and some call guides) to get you ready for your trip to hell :3!

im back in my 2000s deviantart and gaia online era writing this blog post heh (i need my embedded stamps and forum signatures plz LMAOOO)

As a reminder again a lot idol otaku culture is about having fun, so the call guides included in this setlist are mostly for your reference! :> It's okay if you hear some slight variations or don't completely stick to it! (quoting this from sae's SCIF post- every1 say ty sae) i mentioned before but i'm also still a baby learning wota and calls and everything BUT they're so fun and I'm glad others have fun doing it too TvT!!!


1. BABYMETAL - Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!!/ヘドバンギャー!!(Short Vers. + Call Guide)

Babymetal, everyone's beloved,,, Calls wise, this song is pretty easy to follow! Babymetal's fanbase is so diverse so it kinda makes sense that their calls are simple :>

Headbanger was one my first Babymetal songs and with it being a coming of age song, it felt perfect to use for my bday event- vibes and all!! (context: su-metal sings about turning 15 at the time and running as fast she can to the front of the stage so she can headbang LMAO) I love covering Babymetal so i'm lucky to do it AGAIN >:3 this kind of performance will be super new for me though,,, plz keep that in mind,,, (´;ω;`)

2. ダーリンダンス/かいりきベア feat.初音ミク / Kairiki Bear - Darling Dance (Short Vers.)

Jirai Kei brothers and sisters,, rise up for ur national anthem,,,, As many of you know, i've been on the vocaloid train literally since like 2006 so it's just natural to include some kind of miku in the setlist LMAOO This song went viral on TikTok when it first came out and I can still feel the dance in my bones HAHA

No officially set calls to this one, but i'll note that you could probably fit a standard mix in the beginning ;3 Feel free to have fun with it!

3. 悪魔のキッス「カスタムラブドール」/ Devil's Kiss - Custom Love Doll (Short Vers.)

hhHHhHh KATY AND KANANO♡♡♡,,, When they announced that Akuma no Kiss/Devil's Kiss was going to be an official subunit and not just an April Fool's joke I literally screamed, kicked the floor, cried, ascended etc etc.... (AND THEY'RE DEVIL THEMED it was fate,,,) If you can't tell already, Akuma no Kiss served as inspo for a good amount of my event ;w;!!

I've been wanting to cover this song for a long long time and being that Katy and Kanano are actually devils, I was so happy when I got approval to add this to the setlist TvT!!!!

No call guide to this one, so feel free to have fun with this song as well! If anything, I'm not sure when they did this, but Katy and Kanano reacted to a fancam of one of their performances and did some calls to themselves(??) for this song LOLL cute watch hehe: watch here

4. 夜光性アミューズ/Yoruami - N.P.C (Full Vers. + Call Guide)

weheheEHEHHE♡ I love this song >:) HAHAHAHA Before I was able to learn more about idol culture in general I guess, this song would always show up on my youtube recs and I would listen everytime LOL You might also know Yoruami for Love Melody or Denpa Dance :3 Sidenote: I love how each member of Yoruami has their own distinctive style,,

CALLS aaAAHH Unfortunately, I couldn't find any live performances of Yoruami themselves where you can hear their crowd during N.P.C. cry T__T But luckily, this song is well loved and performed a lot, so there's a lot of covers of it- including the one I used for this call guide :> I transcribed the calls from this cover group's particular fancam but in researching this, I've heard multiple variations on how the crowds have been calling to this song (example: another cover -different calls in the bridge, the urya ai's in the breakdown are kinda fun :3)

anyways, i've ranted enough

if you've made it to the end i would like some yaho's in the comments HAHA

TY and c u SOON!!


maid mahou

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