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Moe↗Age! Debut Setlist

Dearest Masters and Princesses~

We're so excited to finally introduce Moe↗Age!, Asayoru Maid Cafe’s “idol” group to you!

The concept of Moe↗Age! has 4 aspects: 

  1. 萌えをあげる: “to give moe” to symbolize the maid aspect of the group; 

  2. アゲアゲ :“high tension” from gyaru slang to symbolize the kind of atmosphere we wish to bring;

  3. 燃えあがろう: “to burn up with passion” to symbolize the passion for idol culture that motivates the group;

  4. and finally, the English pronunciation of “Moe Age” can also symbolize our wish to bring about an “era of moe” to the American audience!

Asayoru prides ourselves as one of the main groups trying to popularize and spread Japanese idol culture in Southern California, and since modern maid culture is deeply intertwined with idol culture, it made sense for us to create this maid-themed idol group!

Our debut date is set for this Saturday, June 15th at Akiba Live! It's quite a last-minute announcement, but we hope you'll be able to come see us~

We also have some cool merch 👀 designed by our very own Maid Mitsu and Toki

Of couse, this also means~ it's time for a new call guide! We hope you have fun studying!

  1. 眠罪 - MAD MEDiCiNE / Minzai - MAD MEDiCiNE

Something new~ from a relatively new but popular group on the scene, and a very different vibe to our usual setlist to shake things up!

There were no pre-made call guides to this one, so we had fun making one for this~ it's now lovingly called the "Mix Call Package for Beginners" since it uses a very wide range of mixes & calls! Have fun~

2. あっせぶんぶん! - @17 / Ase bunbun! - At Seventeen

A new maid classic! Of course we had to borrow inspiration from our maidol idols too~!

This one does not have a lot of calls in general, so we hope to hear your 120% effort BUN BUNs! Please also feel free to do you own oshi-calls~

3. キミだけのワンダーランド - 天晴れ!原宿 / Kimi Dake no Wandaarando - Appare! Harajuku

Real OGs know... Asayoru has covered a lot of Appare songs, but this one perhaps has the most extensive furicopy. I've attached two videos below, one for the romanized call guide from us, and another one where you can see the furicopy a bit better! We hope to see you run in circles and dance with us!!! Open up the pit!!!

4. 最上級の萌え萌えきゅん - あさよるメイドカフェ / Saijoukyuu no Moe Moe Kyun - Asayoru Maid Cafe

Last but of course not least, we have our own original song~ our 2nd single! Written by the amazing Sasaki Kissa-sensei and sung by Yurimaru / Hirano Yuri, we hope this song can bring you the highest level of Moe Moe Kyun~

Please note!! There is a modified Gachikoi Kojou call, and an original call as well~ so we summoned some wota help you... *volume warning*

I really wanted to reference this kind of video which is where I learned most of my wota knowledge from... uwu

We have to give a huge thank you to everyone who has helped make this group possible!

Our new trainee Niya made all of our uniforms from scratch in less than a month,

our other new trainee Latte created the original choreo for Saijoukyuu no Moe Moe Kyun,

our photographer Mint took AMAZING photos for us,

Mitsu and Toki designed all the merch and graphics,

Riri has been giving us vocal lessons,

Sumi has been fixing our dances,

Mahou is our Sound Guy™️,

Akiba Live for providing us such a wonderful debut stage,

And of course, we have to thank our Idols and Maidols for inspiring us,

and to all of our Masters and Princesses for your support!

And finally~ here are some messages from each member!

there’s been a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes to bring moeage’s first stage to life, so i really hope you’ll stop by and cheer us on !!! it would make me so happy if you learned our calls…so let’s all do them together in person, okay? ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) - Latte
🚨we've been COOKIN🗣️🗣️🗣️ (working very hard) to bring you a crazy stage for this debut!! i can't wait to yell with everyone again (*-`ω´- )人 please cheer us on and scream your lungs out!! c u soon♡!! - Mahou
Dear Masters and Princesses ✉️ I hope you’re looking forward to our debut as much as I am! Asebunbun is a song that I recommended for our set list, it’s an energy packed-song with fun lyrics 🎶 !! - Mitsu
Goshujin-sama, ojou-sama, we are finally debuting! We’ve worked so hard for many months, I hope we can finally have fun together in our exciting upcoming performances! Don’t be afraid to dance along with us! - Riri
Lots of love and care has been put into every detail of this group! Honestly when I first started Asayoru I only wanted to support idols, I never thought I'd become one myself? But now that we've done it, I wanted to make sure we do it PROPERLY! Custom uniforms, a special curated setlist, merchandise, crowd interaction, even the pacing of the set, all have special considerations and details to try and bring the Chika Idol scene as much as possible to you! I am honestly so proud of us, and hope you will be too~ - Sae
Is it already time to debut?? Incoming~ rookie idol Sumi! When I became a maid, I never expected that one day I’d also become an idol. I’m so thankful for our masters’ and princesses’ support that gave me this chance♡ After months of training, I can’t wait to show you all that I’ve got! Please look forward to Moe↗Age~ We’ll bring you lots of MOE! - Sumi
Henlo my beary good Masters and Princesses, bet you didn't see this coming! Keeping this a secret was beary difficult and I'm so glad to finally show you all the hardwork we put into MoeAGE! - Toki

We'd love to hear more about your thoughts!! Please leave a comment below if you've made it this far~ see you soon!!!

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