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Moe↗Age! Call and Response!

Updated: Jun 16

Dearest Masters and Princesses~

Our video guide for our Call and Response is here!!! Please study diligently for your diligent maids, ok? <3

Here's the transcript!

Sae: ご飯の上乗せて, Fuwa fuwa~Saku saku~ Ebi Ebi Kyun!

Audience: Ittadakimasu!

Sae: Omeshiagare! I’m your light blue ribbon fried shrimp Maid Sae!

Latte: Your order isn’t quite ready, could you give me just a moment?

Audience: drum roll stomping “Latte!!”

Latte: Hello!! I’m your barista maid idol Latte!! Please take care of me!!

Mitsu: Let’s countdown together! I'm Mi…

Audience: TSU (3 fingers)

Mitsu: Nice to Mi…

Audience: CHUUU (2 fingers/peace sign)

Mitsu: (1 finger) 何がなんでも絶対1番天使、みつ! Hello everyone I'm ichiban tenshi Mitsu, your heavenly white ribbon maid!

Sumi: 50%~

Audience: LOVE!

Sumi: 50%~

Audience: MOE!

Sumi: 100%~

Audience: SUMI!

Sumi: Hello everyone~ I’m MoeAge’s pink ribbon maid Sumi! Thank you for being here tonight~~

Toki: Henlo everybody, it is time for hibernation yet?

Audience: NOOOO! / Yes!!!

Toki: Awww Heck. I guess we dance! I am the beary tired maid Toki! Kuma Kuma Kyun~

Riri: I’m your Gamer Queen Maid idol, Riri! Let’s show our gamer energy together!

When I say Ri, you say REEEEE, Ri!

Audience: :REEE:

Riri: Ri!

Audience: :REEE:

Mahou: A magical girl with devilish tricks, yaho, im~

Audience: Mahou!

Mahou: Hello everyone- I'm your devilish blush pink ribbon maid Mahou よろしくね ~

Now to answer some questions~

Q: How do you pronounce the "Age" in Moe↗Age! ?

A: Moh-Eh Ah-Geh! It comes from Japanese gyaru slang of アゲアゲ meaning “high tension”!

Q: How long was this cooking for?

A: We have been joking about it for a looong time, but officially started planning this at the end of January! Practices started in March and we've been meeting every single week since!! It was a huge time commitment and we hope our efforts show!

Q: Which song took the longest to learn?

Latte: Minzai!! It is very detailed and stylized, but we didn't have any access to really good reference we had to piece a lot of different performances together and squint at the details. But personally, Saijoukyuu since I had to choreograph it xD

Q: What was the inspiration?

A: We wouldn't be able to name one particular inspiration for the whole group, but in general each of us have our own idols we are constantly chasing after! We definitely in general owe a lot to at-home maid cafe and their own idol groups, @17 and Maidin! that showed us maids can be idols in the first place~

Q: Outfits?

Toki: This was my first time designing an idol outfit, I was really nervous about it! It was a struggle to get a cohesive outfit with all the different blend of colors, girl's preferences, and most importantly the maid aesthetic! I'm so thankful to Maid Niya for bringing my concept to life!

Q: Merch?

A: Unfortunately no photos yet but we will post the merch soon!! We ordered only a few of each item (like 30 each?)...since we weren't sure how well they would be received?...also our T-shirts did not arrive in time for our debut ;u; but!! All leftover merch after Idol Party will be put online for sale~we look forward to your support then!

Q: Each member's favorite type of pizza? Sumi: Pesto sauce! Extra pineapples~ Garlic cloves, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, artichoke, deliciousness~

Mitsu: Omg same as sumi except w/o the pineapples 😂😂 Plus spinach!

Sae: The best pizza I personally had was Dominos was like. bacon mayonnaise eggplant corn mushroom garlic....

Mahou: Thai Curry Pizza's from Tom Yam pizza in Long Beach :3

Riri: My favorite type of pizza is every single topping that’s not meat with vegan cheese

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Jul 04

"Ah-Geh" means "forward" in Hindi, and I hope your group flies forward and flourishes!


Jun 14

Very interesting pizza choices xD I wonder what's Toki's fav?

Replying to

Toki: fresh mozzarella pizza :v

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