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[Sumi's Event Recap] ALA 2022 Day 1: Idol Showcase

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Performing at the Anime Los Angeles' Idol Showcase was a dream!

Thank you to everyone who came up to us afterwards and said they enjoyed our performance ;; it really means the world~

Omg! Sumi's new headband debut!

Sumi and Hima were very late (oops!)

...but still in time for our performance! WOO!

The performance went really well and we really felt the love from the crowd ♡

bouncy bounce~

Then, Sumi, Riri, Saiki, and Hima walked around the con, tasked with teaching the Masters and Princesses of ALA the ultimate maid spell...


...we also spent all our money :,(


Sumi's selfies >:3

...and chekis!


Until next time~

Moe Moe Kyun~!


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