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[Sumi’s Event Recap] ALA 2022 Day 2: Lumica Kickoff Party

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

We performed at the Lumica Kickoff party in front of so many people!! Our hearts were racing but we had the greatest time 🔥 Thank you to Lumica USA for this opportunity!

Neko sumi’s first ever appearance!!

But first, pre-show shenanigans~

2 cat maids, thinking about…(?)
So excited to see everyone~

Everyone's here!

Moe Moe Energy is through the roof !!

(Special thanks to Beari-san for some of these amazing images)


Show's over! time !!

I got to meet Kaho-san! Congratulations on your DJ debut! Her set was amazing~


Finally, Sumi's group selfies will finish off the post >:3

...and some chekis for fun hehe

...and some su-memes for the soul~

Until next time~

Moe Moe Kyun!


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