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5/30/23 Poliwag Community Day!

  • HELLO (ㅍ _ㅍ)ゝ. I participated in PokemonGo's Poliwag day today HAHA HERE'S WHAT I GOT!!

OKAY so for actual Poliwag day I got 88 Poliwags, received over 500 Poliwag candy, transferred 84 of them, and kept 4!

  • I kept a Poliwag and a Poliwhirl to complete the family, BUT HERE DE PIECE DE RESISTANCE I GOT A SHINY POLITOED AND A SHINY POLIWRATH(if you comment on Poliwraths low CP/stars u r anti-maid ( •̀ - •́ ) ) AREN'T THEY PRECIOUS

  • I also put on an INCENSE LURE THAT I HAD NO IDEA WAS OVER TWO HOURS AKSJDNAKJSNFKJ BUT WITH THAT LURE I WAS ABLE TO GET; 1. ENOUGH Tyrunts to evolve into a Tyrantrum! 2. Enough Amaura's to evolve it into a Aurorus AND A SHINY AURORUS 3. A SHINY CRANIDOS 4. A SHINY TIRTOGUA it was getting REAL

  • I also participated in a Raid and got a Regidrago on the LAST POKEBALL I WAS SWEATING.

  • I was also keeping my tabs on my eggs and walking buddy candy! I hatched I think 7 eggs but kept only 2! WE GOT; 1. A pretty good Mawile! 2. A VERY NICE Riolu(prob from the Riolu egg hatching event ( •̯́ ₃ •̯̀) )

  • And as for my walking buddy, Pipliopo(received after a trade during the PoGo anniversary) FINALLY got enough candy to evolve into his BEAUTIFUL MERMAID FORM! You may recongize his name being from Mr. Hottiehothot himself Viktor from the hit game League of Legends and the excellent show Arcane (ㅅ´ ˘ `)

  • And because my lovely Viktor was finished, I was able to switch him out with my little Charmander!

OVERALL IT WAS A PERFECT 10/10 COMMUNITY DAY!! I got my Poliwag babies AND THEN SOME!! After the event, I got myself a lil boba treat and went home to lay in front of the fan for the next six hours HAHAHA THANK U FOR READIN ⸜(ˊᗜˋ)⸝♡ !!!!

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