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[Sumi's Event Recap] Anime Impulse 2022

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

What a fun time! We were boothing both days in Hall 7 and was able to perform for everyone on Sunday at the Cosplay Contest halftime show!

twin braids! Been so long~

Day 1 adventures!

Maid Sae found Sumi the bear! It even has a pink hat! Is this Sumi's secret form??
Pekora Itasha found!

Day 2 adventures!

Sumi found the love of her life~ TaKoYAki

Performance time!

(But a cute backstage golf cart selfie before that hehe~)

Okay, NOW it's performance time!

This was Maid Riri's first-time MC-ing! Her confidence was overflowing and she did amazing!

Thank you for being such a lovely crowd!

Maid Hoshiko had a solo performance that was out-of-this-world!

Song: Alien Alien

Maid Sae blew everyone away with her powerful performance

(even the maids were shocked!)


Thank you for an amazing event!

We shall end this post with Sumi's selfies!


...and Chekis!


See you soon!



(also, Happy Birthday Lolly!)

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